Industry Leading Due Diligence Service

Of paramount importance during the due diligence process are experience,  judgment and timely response.  Our method brings those elements together to allow the buyer to leverage their resources and benefit from a thorough, business-eye review of the asset.  Information is fed to the buyer in a cogent fashion, and the buyer remains in the driver’s seat. We have the flexibility to focus on a single property, to digest broad portfolios, and to cater to individual preferences.

Excel's lease summarization service has its genesis in acquisition due diligence. Our summaries and related issues memoranda, re‐created rent roll and other schedules and summaries, were developed in concert with our clients and designed, from the outset, to facility the acquisition due diligence process and empower the purchaser with an acquisition‐oriented understanding of each lease and its effect on the projected income stream of prospective investment. The result is not your typical mass‐produced and generalized regurgitation of the various lease provisions which a purchaser can so readily find elsewhere.